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&Beyond Phinda Homestead &Beyond Phinda Homestead

&Beyond Phinda Homestead Re-opened

&Beyond Phinda Homestead in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa has finally reopened following a fire in December 2016.

Charged with the brief of recreating the previously existing lodge, interior designers Fox Browne Creative, designed the new lodge as a contemporary bush home, modern and tactile. Raw materials were combined with quirky accents and local flavours that harken back to the reserve’s past as a pineapple farm, as well as traditional motifs of Nguni hides, Zulu craftwork and wildlife. Shades of burnt clay and aloe serve as accent colours, while Zulu basketwork and weaving are featured throughout the villa, with the signature woven latticework appearing in unexpected places. Featuring furniture that brings in subtle hints of 1980s retro design, the inviting interior design is that of a private home.

Minimalist yet elegant bedrooms encourage the use of the villa’s shared guest spaces, while spacious bathrooms feature marble basins shaped like traditional Zulu pots.

The villa’s gym and massage room are enlivened with quirky accessories in the signature colours, while the library makes use of pineapple motifs to tell the story of the reserve’s past. The spacious deck outside boasts an island bar to encourage family gatherings, while a decorative herb garden is situated outside the kitchen.