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Kudadoo Maldives Kudadoo Maldives

Kudadoo Maldives: Best New Luxury Hotel

Newly opened Kudadoo Maldives Private Island has been recognised as the Best New Luxury Hotel in the world in 2018 by global independent organisation LTI Luxury Travel Intelligence ( as identified by independent researchers from a total of 42 new properties visited.

Michael Compton, founder, LTI, commented, “We thoroughly research every property, on our own dollar, as we are passionate about what we do and bring truth to luxury travel.”

Kudadoo Maldives Private Island officially opened on 01, 2018 and there has already been strong demand from Cyprus.

Bradley Calder, general manager, Kudadoo Maldives, commened, “ Kudadoo is Maldives’ first fully sustainable fully inclusive luxury resort appealing to those who are seeking the ultimate private holiday in privacy or one to be shared with very few others. It is this aspect that is resonating with high-net worth individuals from Cyprus.”

Designed by renowned architect Yuji Yamazaki, Kudadoo Maldives Private Island comprises 15 Ocean Residences on an all-inclusive luxury basis, so guests are able to enjoy a 24/7 service which includes fine dining in your residence, on the beach or at the Retreat, spa treatments and private diving, excursions and water-sports, anytime and anywhere they wish at no extra cost and with the continual support of a ¨personal butler.

The Maldives welcomed 1,484,274 visitors in 2018, an impressive 6,8 percent increase over 2017, with 49 percent of total arrivals from Europe according to the Ministry of Tourism Republic of Maldives.