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Marcel Thiele Marcel Thiele

MasterChef Marcel Thiele Brings Experiences to Vakkaru Maldives

Vakkaru Maldives will welcome Chef Marcel Thiele to the island mid-July to host a series of exclusive dining experiences and cooking classes.

A certified MasterChef and Spicehunter and international high-end gastronomy expert of Koppert Cress, Marcel has visited over 82 countries to create bespoke culinary experiences, sharing his culinary wisdom with guests all around the world.

With a focus on sustainable and ethical eating, Marcel has created a bespoke menu for Vakkaru inspired by what he calls the ‘Mother Earth Principle’.

Centred around the Hippocratic belief ‘make the food your medicine before the medicine becomes your food’, the ‘Mother Earth Principle’ follows Dutch cuisine and uses a minimum of 80 percent plantbased ingredients and a maximum of 20 percent animal-based products in each of its dishes.