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Seychelles Seychelles

SEYCHELLES: Luxury with Conscience

Clearly, privacy is one of the key considerations of luxury travellers; yet, that cannot be the only thing they are after. What are the VIPs really looking for in the Seychelles? "To be in a place to which only a few privileged people have access,

and still have all the comfort and service you were not expecting in such place," Edouard Grosmangin, general manager, Six Senses Zil Pasyon, elucidated.

This is exactly the interpretation of luxury that the resort will embody when it opens this fall. Located on Félicité, a private island endowed with massive granite rocks and white sand beaches, it is immersed in nature and complements its locale without spoiling it.

Yet, guests will be spoilt with ultra-luxurious housing, pampering spa journeys and a selection of carefully crafted activities and experiences.

Eco-consciousness and being in balance with its locale is also embraced by Constance Ephélia Seychelles. As Kai Hoffmeister, general manager, Constance Ephélia Seychelles, explained, "Our own concept of luxury also comprises the preservation of the environment.

We notice guests are more conscious of the importance of having the least impact on the environment.

That is an encouragement in our constant efforts to operate sustainably; we go greener and we value the indigenous culture and nature of the Seychelles."

In April, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles also joined the green club, upon having received the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label certificate as a testament to its wide-spread efforts to not only conserve natural resources and safeguard the environment, but also educate guests and preserve and promote the local culture.


Personalisation of services is a must when dealing with VIPs, and the Seychelles is no different when it comes to this.

"For a guest [luxury] means having the undivided attention of our general manager and the team.

With an average stay of 9.2 days, this allows us to build a relationship and to read the guest on a different level," revealed Linda Lungmuss, sales and marketing assistant, Fregate Island Private.

As she explained, each guest on the island is pampered by its own private assistant, charged of catering to their every whim – from organising memorable dining experiences and exciting activities and adventures, to ordering flowers, arranging personal yoga classes and much more.

"Any experience is created for you individually, be it a dive excursion, a sunset cocktail at Grand Anse, a rum tasting with our sommelier or a nature walk with our conservationist," she further elaborated.

In a similar fashion, Four Season Resort Seychelles also provides a residence host for guests of its private residence villas, who is on hand throughout their stay to tend to any request including arranging all excursions, private dining events, and coordinating all resort activities, as Adrian Messerli, general manager, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, outlined.

"We find that more and more guests are looking for that exclusive experience that cannot be found anywhere else, which is why we introduced our Ranger for a Day programme," revealed Roterberg.

"The programme [...] takes guests to the nearby island of Curieuse, where they can enjoy a range of activities by the Seychelles National Parks Authority, such as tortoise monitoring and lemon shark tagging, for an immersive experience with the unique Seychellois environment."

Similarly, guests at Fregate Island Private can catch their own bonito during their complimentary deep sea fishing trip and have sashimi lunch on the sea, while spa-goers can choose to collect their organic fruit and ingredients from the garden to create their own treatments