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SINGAPORE: Luxury Travel Universalised

As luxury tourism is becoming ever more popular in Singapore, tourist officials are investing more in enhancing first-class offerings and optical entities of the country to aid this trend.

There is more than meets the eye, whether its Pulan Ubin chalets and cycling trails, Jurong East running and sports track or even Pulau Ujong art galleries, there is something to tickle any discerning tourists' desires.

According to Craig Hewitt, co-founder,, luxury is more affordable today than ever before, even though there are still those experiences only money can buy, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Furthermore, Kliff Ang, director, Asia Travel Group, explained that guests seeking affluent travels range from leisure to business.

"The world-class infrastructure and efficient communication and logistic hubs like casinos, night life, medical and airport, will continue to put Singapore ahead in the region in attracting affluent travellers."

Simon Hurst, general manager, Raffles Hotel, Singapore, concurred, "Singapore prides itself on being a regional and international hub for a number of industries. It is one of the worlds key financial hubs in the regions," further adding that it is a centre for arts and entertainment and for world class healthcare.

Commenting on the upscale products that Singapore offers, Nico Heath, director, Lightfoot Travel, emphasised that the destination has developed into one of the worlds strongest economies and in-turn attracts huge amounts of foreign investment in wealth, high-end brands and luxury consumerism.

"Singapore is a prime location for five-star hotels, food and beverage and lifestyle, from world-class spas, to Michelin star restaurants, exclusive bars and clubs, pristine golf courses and inland-style recreation activities from water sports to beach relaxation, added Heath.