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BRUNEI: Luxury In A Modernised Era

Amid a renowned past, entwined with traditions influenced by culture and unspoiled nature, Brunei certainly has what it takes to travel any opulent vacationer to a secluded level of luxury.

Providing an array of world-class leisure activities and elusive relaxation experiences ranging from spa treatments to indulging in the wonders of nature, this modest yet elegant country is sure to cater for any voyager in search of a uniquely inspiring escapade.

Modest luxury does not always have to be overt and as, Sui Lan, supervisor, Freme Travel, Brunei, indicated, “Travellers are]not really seeking any wow or glamorous travel experiences but in need of luxury facilities, a hassle free comfortable holiday and to indulge in some local authentic experiences aided by local expertise.”

Lan added that Brunei is a choice of esteemed clientele hoping to get away from the hustle and bustle of the masses, seek a more secluded and elusive retreat, to be pampered, meet new people, feel an infamous culture or to seek what mysteries the country has to offer.


According to Lan, Brunei’s current source markets are China, Hong Kong and Korea, leaning to travellers originating mainly from North Asia, and include both independent and affluent tourists.

She also exclaimed that most of the countries luxury seeking guests visit the Sultanate to spend money on experiences to connect with the local customs and nature, as there is a plethora of natural wealth, effortlessly accessible.

Brunei Tourism Department indicated that apart from the natural aspects of lavish travels, the destination offers world-class golf courses, fashionable malls, The Empire Hotel & Country Club, hailed as the top luxury hotel in the country, and sporting facilities ensuring to keep any modern traveller entertained and satisfied.

The Empire Hotel & Country Club boasts unique offerings such as the Emperor Suite with a private elevator providing secure and discreet access to a 666m2 room, housing a private swimming pool, steam room and sauna, private movie theatre and a grand piano to acquaint guests stay.

Agreeing, Lan, highlighted, “We have The Empire Hotel & Country Club with its exclusive swimming pool suites and Royal Villas and the 18 hole champion luxury golf course [along with] the quality of service and level of hospitality still not comparable to other similar luxury properties in the country.”

Among the leisure activities in Brunei, golfers can take advantage of the various courses on offer.

At RBA Golf Club, tourists will find a layout that is characterised by flat terrains with an extensive lake spread over the course.

These man-made features are said to add to the beauty of the experience while irrigating the landscape.

Similarly, Brunei State Department informed that sports enthusiasts will find Brunei to be an attractive destination where sun-drentched beaches and lucent waters offer a variety coral reefs and under-water ship wrecks perfect for snorkelling among others.


Personilised bespoke offerings are a must in aiding the VIP service of the tourism officials in Brunei, as Lan clarified, “We do not have a fixed package but will usually customise for individual or group requests.

We need to manage the expectations of such luxury seasoned travellers, as we do get them mainly from the cruise ships who insist on private limousine services, private guides and VIP treatment and exclusiveness.”

Luxury does not stop on the Sultanate’s soil. Royal Brunei Airlines reported that Royal Brunei Sky Lounge at Brunei International Airport serves premium class passengers while they travel.

The airline utilises a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, hosting a business class cabin, allowing flyers to unwind among fully-reclining contour seats, a personal LCD monitor hosting Panasonic eX2 in-flight entertainment system and the IMPIAN Entertainment System. The company also provides Halal-approved first-class meals cooked to perfection.


Brunei, hailed as a unique preserve of modernity, royalty and nature, according to The Empire Hotel & Country Club, strives to offer the best in luxury, In a bid to enhance such tourism and in support of this, Lan, eluded, “We are [searching for ways] to attract more of such luxury VIP clients and discussing and planning with some stakeholders here.”