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VIK Programme Harbour Grand Kowloon VIK Programme Harbour Grand Kowloon

Hong Kong: Luxurious Authenticity Redefined (Part 1)

Best of All It’s in Hong Kong is the slogan of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, reflecting the profile of a destination where a myriad of bespoke exclusive offerings fused with oriental authentic experiences keep a pace with a modern definition of luxury tourism.

The current trend of luxury travelling, which has been defined by affluent travellers’ demand for authentic memories and impeccable services, encourages the Hong Kong travel providers to constantly move boundaries.

Catering to discerning travellers with customised high-end services and offerings through innovation and creativity is the ultimate aim.

“Hong Kong has always served as a top destination for a variety of sectors within tourism, especially in corporate travel as gateway to China as well as serving a very robust luxury sector,” confirmed, Peter Pottinga, general manager, Harbour Grand Kowloon.

In line with the present trend, he added that global consumers have become more affluent, investing disposable income into experiences versus material possessions.