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TURKEY: Planting The Seeds Of Growth (Part 2)

MoCT has played an increasingly proactive role in the sector’s development. In 2007, the entity launched its Tourism Strategy 2023, setting the targets for achievement before its 2023 centenary.

According to the plan, the country aims to attract 50 million visitors annually, to become the fifth largest tourist destination worldwide and generate USD50 billion in annual revenue.

In addition, the World Travel and Tourism Council projects that by 2023, the country will attract 50.77 million visitors annually.

The Turkish Tourism Investors Association gave an even brighter forecast, predicting that the country will reach 60 million visitor arrivals by 2023.

Designed to contribute to the 2023 vision, a series of big projects including highways, bridges, canals and power plants have been scheduled.

Along with every other segment, MICE activities are expected to expand even further and in addition, the opening of the new Istanbul Airport.

Scheduled to be completed in 2028, the new airport will be one of the world's largest transportation hubs, featuring a modern design, and including state of the art runways, terminals, air traffic control towers, and technology, as well as top security.


One of the most important challenges posed by the rapid growth of MICE tourism worldwide, is the necessity to maintain high service standards in the context of intense competition.

Business travellers these days expect luxury, high quality service at all times.

“In a globally competitive environment, the secret of running a successful MICE operation is a sustainable service approach, adaptation to evolving technologies, stability of service quality and trust,” emphasised, Yalazan.

Further adding, and highlighting the importance of information technology, Bulmup commented, “People nowadays are increasingly global, mobile, visual and social and attendees want more from an event than just tables and chairs.

” JW Marriott International has launched several innovative solutions exclusively for its MICE sector.

JW Event Concierge is a meeting service application which places meeting management at the fingertips of meeting planners.

The application, which is available in 20 languages, provides consistent customer service through which multiple planners can request, review and share responses to ensure the success of any event.

Turkey’s diverse visitor offerings have seen its popularity grow rapidly over the past few years.

Acting as an invaluable bridge between east and west, Europe and the Middle East, between cultures and groups, with its cosmopolitan society and unprecedented hospitality, the country has a lot to offer discerning business travellers.