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UAE: Promoting Authenticity (Part 2)

For Al Nuaimi, hospitality and generosity is at the core of Emirati culture. He explained, “Ajman is a modern city where the tradition of welcoming strangers is ancient and ingrained.

Sharing a meal with others is an age old honoured tradition in the Arab world, and an expression of hospitality.

Guests are offered cardamom infused coffee and fresh dates, and greetings are often delivered with a hand over the heart.”

Despite a lack of global awareness about the destination when compared to the larger emirates, Ajman has a great heritage to build on.

The emirate has played a very crucial role in promoting the country’s intangible heritage through a series of projects and food festivals.

Highlighting the growing demand for more authentic experiences when it comes to culinary offerings, Al Nuaimi revealed, “While the emirate of Ajman prides itself in offering a diverse and international selection of cuisine, our focus is on delivering a uniquely Emirati experience to tourists ensuring they have experienced the best of Ajman has to offer.”

With culinary tourism becoming a global trend, affluent visitors are seeking unique learning experiences.

Gastronomy plays an increasingly prominent part in a highly diverse way, offering an opportunity to encounter unusual ingredients, taste authentic recipes and enjoy local hospitality to enrich one's knowledge about the country’s past, present and future.

With its culinary landscape constantly evolving around the traditional ethos, the UAE promises to satisfy the tastebuds of each and every discerning visitor.